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Our Ultimate Trough received the prestigious Ernst & Sohn Award
Tue, Feb 24, 2015
Our Ultimate Trough received the prestigious Ernst & Sohn Award

The “Ultimate Trough” technology has been awarded on January, 30th 2015 with the “Ulrich Finsterwalder Engineering Award”, which is one of the most prestigious Civil Engineering Award in Germany.

Our partners SBP (schlaich bergermann und partner) attended the Ernst & Sohn’s Ulrich Finsterwalder Engineering Award ceremony in Munich.


The Ultimate Trough Testloop, in Harper Lake, California, complete with two solar collector assemblies of 240 meters each, is arguably the largest parabolic trough collector ever built. An outstanding example of engineering interdisciplinary cooperation and integral approach to design, where all cost factors and efficiencies were taken into consideration to achieve overall cost reduction. Optical efficiency and high-precision mounting devices count on each individual component’s capabilities being maximized and loads minimized.
Developed in collaboration with Flabeg FE GmbH, SBP, the Fraunhofer Institute, Aeronautics and Space Research Centre (DLR).

Watch the interview on the 
Ultimate Trough Testloop for more detailed information.